Kareem Taylor's New Book, Get Your Life!


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Kareem Taylor’s Get Your Life: The Transforming Power of Turning Fate Into Fortune has spent weeks on the Amazon bestseller list. For good reason. The book contains specific strategies that can transform lives and workplaces. It details practical tips on overcoming fear, breaking barriers and increasing productivity in the digital age. This includes powerful case studies including how musician Theophilus London travels the world without anyone’s permission, how entrepreneur Jason Njoku built a business on a single idea and how The Fugees turned their weakness into strength.

Kareem’s personal mission is to inspire others to unlock their potential through creativity. He speaks often to crowds across the world on various topics including leadership development, storytelling and creativity.

From New York to London to Johannesburg, Kareem’s message resonates with diverse audiences across the globe. He is based in Los Angeles, CA.